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Current Projects

Typically Irvinbilt Constructors, Inc. has from four to six projects in various stages of completion underway at any one time. We invite you to view our slate of current projects on this page.


Little Otter Creek Reservoir Structures

Project: Little Otter Creek Reservoir Structures
Owner: Caldwell County Commission
Location: Caldwell County, Missouri
Engineers: USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Allstate Consultants LLC
Contract Amount: $2,069,588
Scheduled Completion Date: October 2024
Superintendent: Bill Meyers

After over two decades of planning, design, reviews, and permitting, construction of the Little Otter Creek Reservoir is underway. An earthen dam will be constructed forming a 344-acre reservoir that will provide water security, flood damage reduction, and water-based recreation for the region. Under multiple prime contracts, Phillips Hardy, Incorporated of Boonville, Missouri is constructing the reservoir and Irvinbilt Constructors, Inc. is building the concrete control structures and installing the piping.

The reservoir, located about three miles east of Hamilton on the South side of US Highway 36, will supply 1.24 million gallons of drinking water per day to the county and surrounding areas, reduce flooding along Little Otter Creek, and provide recreation for area residents and visitors.

Cameron Pipeline, BP Pump Station, and Storage Tank

Project: Cameron Pipeline, BP Pump Station, and Storage Tank
Owner: Northwest Wholesale Water Commission
Location: St. Joseph, Missouri
Engineers: Bartlett & West, Inc. and CDM Smith
Contract Amount: $3,247,300
Scheduled Completion Date: December 2023
Superintendent: Steve Case

This project will supply water to several area communities. Construction of a pipeline serving Cameron, Maysville, and Stewartsville, had long been a dream of the Great Northwest Wholesale Water Commission. The project consists of a package pump station, a 450,000-gallon ground storage water tank, a centralized 300,000-gallon elevated water storage tank, and a 36-mile pipeline, under three separate contracts. Irvinbilt Constructors was awarded the contract for construction of the pump station and ground storage tank. BRB Contractors, Inc. will install the pipeline, and Caldwell Tanks, Inc. will provide the elevated storage tank.

The pipeline will run parallel with U.S. Highway 36 and Missouri Highway 33. With Missouri American Water Company, we are constructing the ground storage tank and pump station on a site on the east side of St. Joseph. The pipeline will extend to an elevated tank east of Stewartsville. From there, a line will run to Cameron, and another portion will be installed north along Highway 33 to Maysville. All three cities will receive domestic water as a result of the project.

In addition to constructing the concrete ground storage tank and pump station, Irvinbilt is providing the site grading, crushed rock paving, chain-link fencing, interconnecting piping, instrumentation, and electric work at the St. Joseph site.

Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant and Primary Treatment Rehabilitation

Project: Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant and Primary Treatment Rehabilitation
Owner: City of Springfield
Location: Springfield, Missouri
Engineer: Burns & McDonnell
Contract Amount: $3,682,640
Scheduled Completion Date: February 15, 2024
Superintendent: Brad Zahner

Springfield’s Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant, constructed in 1959, sends 35 million gallons of sewage flow to Wilson Creek each day. The city council realizing that the existing equipment is corroded, outdated, and past its useful life, and wanting to make sure they are following state and federal regulations and are taking care of Wilson’s Creek, moved forward with a plan to rehabilitate of part of the plant. This project will provide an additional pump that will increase the plant’s capacity for incoming water from 75 million gallons per day to 100 million gallons per day.

This added capacity will reduce the risk of the plant being non-compliant with state or federal regulations during heavy rain events when storm water flows are high. Also, more than thirty old corroded aluminum gates used to control sewage as it moves through the plant, directing flow to different basins, will be replaced. The new gates will be made of stainless steel and will have automatic actuators that allow the gates to be controlled remotely from the control room.

Additional work involves replacing conduit, wiring, weirs and mixers in sewage basins. The project will also add oxygen sensors that detect how much oxygen is present in the sewage and automatically control the aeration.

Moberly Correctional Center Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Project: Moberly Correctional Center Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements
Owner: State of Missouri
Location: Moberly, Missouri
Engineer: Bartlett & West, Inc.
Contract Amount: $3,817,750
Scheduled Completion Date: October 15, 2023
Superintendent: Casey Jaynes

Work is underway by Irvinbilt Constructors to make needed improvements to the existing Moberly Correctional Center Wastewater Treatment Plant located south of Moberly, Missouri. The project consists of providing and installing a headworks building, lift station, flow control structure, Triplepoint NitrOx tank and equipment, blowers for lagoon aeration, UV disinfection equipment, flow metering, interconnecting piping, instrumentation, and electrical equipment.

Customer Testimonials

We have performed over forty subcontracts for Irvinbilt Constructors and Irvinbilt Company earlier. We first started with Irvinbilt in 1998 when Don Garrison was running the water, wastewater, and pool division of the company. From day one they have been the best general contractor for whom we have worked. When Joe Garrison took over it was a seamless transition and we've experienced all the same positive benefits in working with Irvinbilt since we started work for them twenty-four years ago.

--Tom Nelson, President,
Missouri Electric, Inc